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Founded in 1986, POMTAVA carried on production of Tavannes and Dima dosage pumps first manufactured in 1922.

Located in the heartland of European machine-making and worldwide watchmaking, we carry on the tradition of precision and reliability, with its highly qualified staff operating the latest manufacturing equipment.

Thus, with help of our subcontractors, we have control over the entire production chain. Moreover, we are situated in a region where top quality technical educational facilities ensure the best opportunities for job training and Research + development.



Our Products




Metering gear pumps for automotive and industrial paints

The pumps in this series are mainly designed for dosing solvent paints, water paints, and UV paints. For these applications, we have created gear pumps allowing a very precise dosage, as well as the best flushing possible. Flushing time is reduced and savings on the product is thus obtained.




Precision metering gear pumps for single and multicomponents machines

These pumps are used in various application fields with the following materials : silicones, glues, elastomer, polyurethanes, various resins, various hardeners, epoxy and many others.




Paint changers

We have designed a series of very efficient paint changers allowing the control of colors according to the customer's needs. It is also possible to order a paint changer mounted directly on a POMTAVA gear pump with a specific coupling block. This way a significant saving in paint and flushing product is possible.