VIGO e COVA s.a.s - Piazza Spotorno n. 3 - 20159 MILANO - TEL +39-02 66 88202 - FAX +39-026072 600 - VAT no. 041 251 801 50


VIGO e COVA s.a.s.  - Marketing & Consulting

Vigo e Cova, established 1964, operates in the whole Italian market representing leading companies manufacturers of engineered equipments, rotating machines, valves, instrumentation and  accessories, and supplying the major companies in the most important industrial fields.



Vigo e Cova organization is composed by qualified engineers, organized in two technical areas -machinery and instruments - with a support structure capable to assure to the represented companies technical, commercial, marketing and administration services.



Engineering and Contractors, Oil and Gas, Chemical and Petrolchemical, Power Generation, Industrial Processes, Environment and Water  Treatment.